Lower Extremity Venous Imaging: Anatomy, Exam & Evaluation of DVT-DVD
Mesenteric and Porto-Hepatic Duplex Sonography-DVD
NEW E-BOOK for Techniques in Noninvasive Vascular Diagnosis- 4th Edition
NEW! A Pocket Guide to Physiologic Arterial Testing for PAD
NEW! Advanced Vascular Methods and Interpretations
Normal Carotid Duplex/Color Examination-DVD
Registry Review and Preparation
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SUMMER PUBLISHING BOOKS-all books-click here
Techniques ...- Book Contents
Techniques in Noninvasive Vascular Diagnosis- Book Contents
Techniques in Noninvasive Vascular Diagnosis- NEW 4th Edition
Techniques in Noninvasive...- Book Contents- 4th Edition
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ULTRA P.A.S.S. Vascular Technology Flashcards -Registry Review (2016)
Ultrasound Evaluation of Aortic Endografts -DVD
Ultrasound Evaluation of Dialysis Access Grafts and Fistulas-DVD
Ultrasound Evaluation of Intima-Media Thickness-DVD
Ultrasound Evaluation of Renal Artery Stenosis - DVD
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Abdominal Aorta-DVD
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Lower Extremity Arterial System: Direct and Indirect Testing-DVD
Ultrasound Evaluation of the Upper Arterial System- DVD Video
Ultrasound Evaluation of Venous Insufficiency and Treatment of Disease-DVD
Ultrasound Protocol Manuals from Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute
Upper Extremity Venous Imaging-DVD
Validating Stenosis Criteria for Carotid Duplex Ultrasound -DVD
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